Wallspeed panels installation is as easy as other drywalls. All fixings is done by screws and power load nail gun. Since panels are provided exactly as the same height as the project, we will no longer confront any fragmentation on panels. Also, there is no need to dry the mortar, so the speed of execution will increase remarkably , which will lead to increase of ROI and efficiency.

Wallspeed Installation

In general, the following steps are necessary in the installation and execution of the Wallspeed panel:

Marking the points on the floor and obtaining plan approval from architect
Reflect the marked point of the floor to the ceiling
Accurate estimate of height to cut panels
Implementing panels in the frame

Wallspeed Installation


:Wallspeed installation is summarized in a few main steps

  • Profile installation on the Frame
    After marking the floor points by blueprint inspector, it is time to install the U and L profiles. Initially, according to the installation plans, the placement of panels is marked on floor by choke line. Then, the placement of panels is marked on the ceiling by line laser. To install the panel, the galvanized tracks should implement on leveled floor and one side of the wall and two galvanized L profile on the ceiling and the other side of the wall. U runner & L profile are installed on the main floor and ceilings of the structure by nail-able plugs . Type of fixings are specified by the project supervisor according to the floor type.
  • Panel Installation
    After placing tracks and L profile on floor & ceiling, panels are placed inside the tracks and L profile, then panels are attached to each other easily through the designated tongue and groove at beginning and end of the Wallspeed core.

Coating Installation


Unlike other Drywalls, Wallspeed panel is perfectly integrated and the surface between the studs is filled with Polystyrene, therefore both mortar and dry coatings can be applied.

Dry Coating Installation
Dry coating includes materials such as cement board, plaster board, PVC sheets, thermowood, etc.

To install such materials, it is enough to fix preferred coating to the stud by screws.

  • Mortar Coating
    Before plastering and cementing, mesh must be attached to the stud with a nail-able plug. Afterwards you can apply plaster or cement mortar on panel.

Facility Installation

  • Electrical Installations
    In order to install electrical facilities on panel, all you need is to solder horizontal tracks on polystyrene, then support structure should connect to the adjacent studs by screwing the structure. The electrical junction boxes is then attached to the desired support by screws.
  • Mechanical installations
    To install horizontal facilities, it is necessary to empty the desired place and pass the pipe with a simple saw or soldering iron.